Group members — present and past

University at Buffalo


12/2021-Pitambar Khanra   
(funded by Japan Science and Technology Agency)
1/2022-Neil G. MacLaren   
(funded by Japan Science and Technology Agency)
5/2023-Si Thu Aung   
(funded by Japan Science and Technology Agency)
8/2023-7/2025  Sarbendu Rakshit   
(Visiting Assistant Professor (full time), funded by University at Buffalo)

PhD student

2/2020-present  Ruodan Liu(刘弱丹)
7/2020-presentChanon Thongprayoon
(partly funded by National Science Foundation, Applied Mathematics Program)
4/2021-presentJnanajyoti Bhaumik
8/2021-presentMadison Russell
8/2021-presentSaiful Islam (Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (CDSE) Program)
8/2021-presentMaisha Islam Sejunti (co-supervised with Dane Taylor till 8/2023)
(funded by National Science Foundation, Mathematical Biology Program)
8/2022-presentKatherine Betz
8/2023-presentChuong Nguyen
8/2023-presentNepa Nurjahan Akter (provisional advisee status)
8/2023-presentBisna Mary Eldo (provisional advisee status)

Almuni — University at Buffalo

The placement shown below is the one right after Universeity at Buffalo, with a few exceptions.


01/2021-12/2022  Prosenjit Kundu   
(Visiting Assistant Professor (full time), funded by University at Buffalo)
Next position: Assistant Professor, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, India
08/2020-05/2021  Rupam Acharyya   
(funded by JP Morgan Chase)
Next position: Vertica (software company)
09/2019-03/2021Kashin Sugishita(杉下佳辰)
(funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science; 日本学術振興会海外特別研究員; transferred from Univeresity of Bristol, where he was between 04/2019-08/2019)
Next position: Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

PhD student

08/2019-05/2022  Elohim Fonseca dos Reis
Next position: postdoc, Alan Turing Institute, United Kingdom
08/2019-05/2022Lingqi Meng(孟令奇)
Next position: postdoc, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Undegraduate (senior thesis student)

08/2021-05/2022  Yanyan Li(李妍妍)  
Next position: Master of Science program in Data Science and Analytics, Georgetown University
07/2020-05/2021Mengyuan (Jason) Sun(孙梦元)  
Next position: PhD student, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo

Past visitors (at least one month)

6/2023-8/2023  Carlos a Vázquez-de Jesus
(undergraduate student, University of Puerto Rico at Cayey)
01/2023-02/2023Jiyoung Kang
(Assistant Professor, Pukyong National University, South Korea)
08/2021-04/2022  Kazuki Nakajima(中嶋一貴)
and(PhD student, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan; 東京工業大学)
09/2022-03/2023(as postdoc, same institution)

University of Bristol


09/2019-02/2020Irene Malvestio
(funded by Cookpad Limited)
06/2019-01/2020Marinho Lopes
(funded by GW4)
07/2018-07/2019Alessio Cardillo
(funded by Cookpad Limited)
04/2016-03/2019Sadamori Kojaku(幸若完壮)
(funded by CREST, JST)
05/2015-03/2016Kohei Tamura(田村光平)
(funded by CREST, JST)

PhD student
(Only the students I supervise effectively as the first or co-first supervisor are listed here. For the complete list including second and third supervisions, please see my full CV available at a tab to the left.)

09/2015-08/2019Simon Godwin (co-supervised with Lucia Marucci)

Visitor (at least one month)

05/2019-08/2019Bruna Campos Guedes
(undergraduate student, Polytech Marseille — Aix-Marseille Université, France)
09/2018-03/2019Shun Kodate(小舘俊)
(PhD student, Tohoku University, Japan; 東北大学)
03/2018-04/2018Jorge P. Rodríguez
(PhD student, University of Balearic Islands, Spain)
01/2017-03/2017Elohim Fonseca dos Reis
(PhD student, University of Campinas, Brazil)

University of Tokyo


04/2013-02/2014 Takuya Machida(町田拓也)
(funded by Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (PD), JSPS; 日本学術振興会特別研究員(PD))
04/2012-10/2012 Ryosuke Nishi(西遼佑
(funded by Kakenhi, Japan; 科研費・新学術領域)
04/2011-03/2012 Jun Nakabayashi(中林潤)
(funded by Kakenhi, Japan; 科研費・新学術領域)
04/2011-03/2012 Etsuo Segawa(瀬川悦生)
(funded by JST, Presto; JST研究補助員)
04/2011-03/2012 Shuhei Furuya(古谷修平)
(funded by Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (PD), JSPS; 日本学術振興会特別研究員(PD))
04/2009-03/2011 Yoshimi Yoshino(吉野好美)
(funded by Kakenhi, Japan; 科研費・新学術領域)
03/2009-03/2011 Takehisa Hasegawa(長谷川雄央)
(funded by JST, Presto; JST研究補助員)

PhD student

04/2010-03/2013 Taro Takaguchi(高口太朗)
Funded by: 日本学術振興会特別研究員(DC1)
Mining Temporal Patterns of Communication Behavior in Social Networks
04/2010-03/2013 Mitsuhiro Nakamura(中村光宏)
Funded by: 日本学術振興会特別研究員(DC1)
Indirect Reciprocity under Imperfect Reputation Sharing